About Us

    Phi Tau Phi stands for Philosophy, Technology, and Physiology that collectively represent all disciplines of learning with logic and spirit of performance. The purposes of the Society were, and still are: (1) to encourage high scholarship, (2) to stimulate research, and (3) to form bonds of intellectual and professional fellowship. Membership in Phi Tau Phi implies a degree of recognition. It affords the comradeship of people with similar ideals and provides opportunities for self-improvement and public service.

    The regional chapters have held annual or semiannual meetings and have gradually expanded their respective memberships by inducting new members who have attained notable professional distinction and who are genuinely interested in the Society's aims. 

    The activities of the Society, besides social gatherings, initiation of new members and issuance of membership directories, include sponsorship of seminars, awarding of scholarships, and publication of a newsletter that serves as a communication medium as well as a forum for exchanging ideas. Other activities in consonance with the purposes of the Society are also planned.  

Mission and Vision