Membership Committee (2014-2016)

Managememt and recuritment of memberships:

Dr. Shuyong Jiang, Chair
Dr. Zoujun Dai
Dr. Zhongquan Charlie Zheng

Scholarship Committee (2014-2016)

Selection, evaluation and nomination of candidates to be awarded for scholarship of PhiTauPhi Grant:

Dr. Sharon Hu/Arthur Yuan, Esq, Chair
Dr. Qi Chen, ex officio
Elaine Sit, Esq.
Dr. Yijun Gao

program Committee (2014-2016)

Organizing and creating programs and activities:

Dr. Virginia Shen, Chair
Dr. Lian Ruan

Web Committee (2014-2016)

Design, create and maintain website of organization:

Dr. Sharon Hu/Dr. Yijun Gao, Chair
Dr. You You Kuo
Dr, Tze-chung Li, ex officio

Organization and Committees

At PhiTauPhi Scholastic Honor Society Mid America, is composed by five professional committees, of which are elected by organization's members and pointed by the President and board.

Advisory Committee (2014-2016)

Ms Mann-yi Hsieh
Dr. You You Kuo
Dr. Inlan Wang Li

Dr. William Sha

President (2014-2016):     Dr. Tze-chung Li
Vice-President (2014-2016):   Dr. Hong Liu
Secretary/Treasurer (2014-2016):  Dr. Qi Chen.